Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Neither wool nor yarn.

I have been making a top for Charlotte. It's from a pattern for a nightgown or corset cover yoke from 1916, although I made it in size 30 thread instead of size 50. I just need to finish the round of picot edging around the bottom and then attach it to whatever sort of fabric I'm going to put it on. I'm a little foggy about that at this point.

But here's what I'm trying to decide. The pictures above show the yoke in two different orientations. If you look closely you'll see there are five flowers across the front on the top picture, and only four on the bottom. And on the top there are only two flowers going up and over her shoulders, while on the bottom there are three.

So the one on the top has a wider neck opening, shorter armholes, and more of a suggestion of sleeves. The one on thebottom has a deeper but narrower neck opening, deeper armholes, and less "sleeve." Dean likes the one on the top. I think I do, too, but I'm afraid it will fall off her shoulders. Ideas? Comments? Am I just obsessing too much?

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Rae said...

What a cutie!! Kids are pretty rambunctious and rowdy, even quiet girls. I'd vote for safe over pretty. It's hard to tell a striking difference between the pics, but the bottom one certainly looks lovely! I don't think style-wise you'll go wrong with either.

Be sure to post the FO!