Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've finished my first Sidewinder sock. Here are some not-so-pretty pictures:

The toe is a little blocky but comfortable.

I like the vertical construction. I sort of thought the stripes would go straight up but they wobble over my instep. I have very high arches, and the sock is a little tight over the top. Normally I do my heels over about 60% of the stitches and that takes care of it. I can't quite figure out how to do the same thing here. At first I thought of doing fewer heel decreases/increases, but doing the same number of rows. But that would just change the bend, which I don't think is the issue. Short rows across the top of my ankle? It's not tight enough to make the sock uncomfortable, but it's noticeable.

Here are the decreases in the inside of my foot,

and here are the increases on the outside. They're much less noticeable. On the next sock I think I'll try to match up the increase (K in the row below) and decrease better. I might even follow Nona's suggestions; I was worried about them being too tight but it might look better.

I have enjoyed knitting this, although I'm not sure I'll make another pair. I think I like a more traditional construction better because you can adjust the fit as you go. It's a well written pattern for a nicely made sock, but I think Nona must be more adventurous than I am!

The jury is still out on the wool (Reynolds Swizzle). It seems kind of scratchy right now but we'll see how it wears.


Shan said...

Wow, I love the vertical stripes.


I have high arches too, and often even standard socks are too tight on the instep. I don't think I have the wherewithal to adjust the fit on a totally revolutionary sock pattern, at this point...I think I will continue to just admire other people's Sidewinders from afar.

Very afar.

Caroline M said...

I know what I need to do to make a sock fit the feet I know and I wouldn't know where to start with these. They're very striking, but not for me. Not now anyway.

SaraSkates said...

those are excellent socks - love the stripes (even the wiggle) - !

Kate said...

Cynthia, Thanks so much for your comment on my blog about the flu virus. I don't know if I'm mad or not. Lots of people just said, "Yes, that's knitting, alright." Lamb's tails...hmmm.

Maia said...

I like your Sidewinders. I know what you mean about them being tight at the ankle. I'm working on my third pair (!?!) and have a trick up my sleeve for those of us with high arches. I'll post about them tomorrow of Friday.