Saturday, August 25, 2007

What happened to summer?

My, the time has flown. First Ravelry sucked up my time, then we went on vacation, and then, and then ..... and now summer is over. Or at least, school has started, which seems like the end of summer even if it's still hot out.

What did I accomplish over the summer? Not much, as it turns out:
  • I have a pair of socks almost done, and another pair coming along nicely.
  • I have a lovely sock yarn almost spun up.
  • I have a lot of pictures on Ravelry.
  • I've acquired a 2 harness loom for the kids that almost works.
  • I've agreed to teach a tatting class in October, so I'm madly trying to increase my tatting skills.
  • I tatted a bookmark but gave it away without taking a picture of it. It could have been better, so I think I'll make another one. And take a picture of it.
  • I've done some gauge swatches for my Falling Leaves vest.
Almost, almost, almost. Lots of fooling around but no real results.

But now that Fall is Here, I'm sure I'll accomplish lots! Or at least take some pictures.

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Caroline M said...

School does not start here until September 5th. Six weeks is one week too long in my opinion.