Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas is coming .. now in double-quick time!

We just decided that instead of staying home for a low-key Christmas we will drive 13 hours to Colorado for Christmas with both sides of the family ...

and that we will have an early Christmas here (to save hauling big presents for the kids to Colorado and back) ON THE 15TH.

So I just lost 10 days of Christmas prep time, and added all the packing & planning of a big trip.

We must be out of our minds. But Dean's brother and my sister live 10 minutes apart, and both sets of grandparents are traveling there for the holidays --- it just seems like the right choice.

Gotta run -- I've got things to do!


Shan said...


At least they're not celebrating Hanukkah or you'd be seriously screwed.

Caroline M said...

On serious reflection all I can say is rather you than me. It's good for Santa that he can spread the work though, it saves him some time on the big day.

jessie said...

Hurry, hurry! Enjoy both holidays!

(I'm jealous of all your spinning in previous posts. Beautiful.)