Friday, March 13, 2009

In case you were wondering ...

... the maximum length of an inkle band I can weave on my Ashford inkle loom appears to be 3 yds., 5 inches. (Minifigs included for scale.)

I assume my crummy selvages will improve with practice.

5/2 pearl cotton, 106 threads, about 2 1/4 inches. This will probably be George's belt / sword belt, but I might cut it up to trim our outfits.


Caroline M said...

You made me remember that I had an inkle loom, it's now had two coats of the wax that I used for the RH loom. I think that I've finished finishing wood now.

firstofive said...

inkle, ankle?
I need a tutorial.
looks gorgeous, in any case.

Shan said...

That's so weird - just last night I was saying to Mum that I wanted to buy myself an inkle loom to make trims for sewing. The whole idea of it is cool.

Plus then you get to actually BE "thick as inkle-weavers", as they say in books.

Joanne said...

Wow, gorgeous. I'm impressed...and you know, I can't see any selvedges at all from here. :) (I'm in the market for some belts and now I'm wondering about the inkle loom...)

taueret said...

selvedges smelvedges. looks good from here!