Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Weaving a garment?

I want to weave a vest. I want it to be something I can wear and enjoy. And I am torn between two paths:

I could choose a pattern, sew it out of a handwoven-ish commercial fabric, evaluate it, and go from there.

Or I could throw a warp on the loom and wing it.

On the one hand, I suspect that most basically boxy vests wouldn't be so very flattering on me.

On the other hand, my favorite cardigans are big boxy things.

How many hands can you have?

I'm intrigued by this pattern:

which has bust darts and an assortment of necklines and a pieced back so I could make it from one relatively narrow strip of fabric, assuming I want to cut it.

On the other hand, I do really like this simple vest, too:
http://www.weavingroom.com/OvrwWeb.pdf (have to view the pdf to see the photo; it's from Clothing from the Weaving Room.

Clearly I'll have plenty to think about while I do my chores today.

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Caroline M said...

It gives you something to think about instead of "what's for tea?" and "should I do the ironing?". My way of choosing patterns is to open my wardrobe and see what I wear because what I'm going to feel comfortable in is something like I'm wearing now.