Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoard or squander?

The children and I got back from Florida last night and I now have TWO DAYS to prepare for the Medieval Fair. Last year I had big plans but the remodel swallowed up so much time this spring that I have done almost nothing up until now.

The weather report promises low 60's & pleasant on Friday (day I can go by myself), mid sixties, breezy & rainy on Saturday (day I was planning on taking the kids), and 58 degrees with a north wind on Sunday (only day we can all go together). I am thinking that we need better cloaks:

Mine is a nice piece of handwoven fabric destined for chair cushions but doing just fine as a cloak. It needs hemming, though. George's is his favorite fleece "robe", carefully folded to hide the head-hole. He might want to wear that again because he loves it so, even though it's very inauthentic. I love the look of Dean & Charlotte in plaids but those are blankets! Dean's in particular is very heavy and far too short.

So I am thinking of running up some quick cloaks. Standard Viking cloaks were just plain rectangles of cloth, so it wouldn't take long, just a little hemming. I was ready to head off to the fabric store when I remembered a stash of wool fabric passed on to me by my mother 10 or 15 or maybe 20 years ago when she decided she wouldn't use it in Florida.

Oh, these are lovely fabrics! Wool flannels in various dark colors, a couple of tweeds, a lovely blue herringbone, and a pretty little pink plaid that Charlotte would love. Several have price tags showing that they cost $6 per yard; I can't quite imagine what they would cost now but I have a feeling it isn't anywhere close to that.

Part of me wants to save them -- I am finally sewing more, and wouldn't these make wonderful jumpers / vests / pants???? Part of me wants to use them --- they've been in this cedar chest for umpteen years, wouldn't it be better to be using them, even if they get dragged in the mud? And all of me needs to decide by tomorrow!!!!

While I'm thinking, I'm also planning on making undertunics for Dean and myself, and maybe a hood for Dean. Oh, and some more trim, and Charlotte needs a belt ......


Caroline M said...

Hem them and wear them, better they see the light of day than be shut away in a chest. You can always cut them up later on, a case of having your cake and eating it too.

Leigh said...

I love fairs like this. By now you've already been, right! How was it!

The photo looks great and Caroline has a good idea. So much fun.