Friday, May 07, 2010


Well. Here's the two rovings, plied. Pretty, but browner than I really expected.

Although here it is on a sheep brown, and it does make a nice contrast:

Years ago I fell in love with the colors of paint on a bridge on the University of Minnesota campus -- the school maroon, but very weathered & sunbeaten. This reminds me of that bridge (in a good way) but it's not at all what I was setting out to make.

I make a quick additional roving of turquoise, fuchsia, hot pink & bright blue, and spun that along with the second roving, then plied it with the original roving:

It's certainly perkier but maybe too much so. This is the second yarn with the same sheep brown. I think those blue bits are too bright.

I wish I had enough free time to wallow in sampling. Right now it's just making me grumpy. And tomorrow I will be going to the only fleece fair I'm likely to attend this year, so if I want to be looking for something in particular I need to know what it is!

My daughter has just learned to tie her shoelaces (so I will buy her a pair of Sketcher Twinkletoes) and wants me to make a video of it. How can I turn that down? But I want to fool around with wool, too. Here's hoping the responsible mama side of me wins.

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Laritza said...

Love the color red or redish is MY color :)