Monday, August 22, 2011

To-do list

Holy cow! No posts since February? I don't know how my loyal readers have managed without me.

My children start school again in a couple of days, and I have been making a mental list of all the things I plan to accomplish once I have my days free:

  • Clean the whole house
  • Go through all the closets & send mountains of things to Goodwill and Freecycle
  • Paint the woodwork in our bathroom
  • Finish George's Bayeaux Tapestry sheet
  • Make Charlotte another nightgown
  • Weave a couple of dozen scarves
  • Make sock monsters
  • Overhaul our financial accounts
  • Make another set of Viking clothes for each of us
  • Knit that gray cabled sweater
  • Knit Charlotte's ballet wrap
  • Spin, spin, spin
  • Knit a dozen pairs of socks on the CSM
  • Sort my photos
..... and that's just my plans for the first week.

1 comment:

Caroline M said...

Your list is a good combination of interesting and mundane. My list still includes "buy school shoes" and "go swimming" seeing as we still have three weeks to go. My first job will be to finish the piece on the loom, I haven't touched it in weeks and I'm sick of looking at it as I walk past.