Friday, January 05, 2007

A milestone of sorts

What is this, you say? It's a heap of skeins of singles yarn, each skein marked with its yardage and weight. Why? Well, it's a long story ....

I haven't been spinning regularly for quite some time. Last fall I got all fired up about spinning again, and decided that the best way to get back in practice was to tackle some large, but not too large project, and just spin, spin, spin. I had some concerns about my consistency, though, especially since I was out of practice. So I decided to spin all the yarns as singles. Next I will sort the skeins by grist and ply the thickest with the thinnest, the next thickest with the next thinnest, and so on, in order to end up with a two ply that was reasonably consistent.

The fiber is left over from my early days of spinning, circa 1993 or 4, when I bought enormous amounts of almost anything put in front of me. It's about a pound and a half of a fine wool/kid mohair blend, dyed a truly shocking fuschia. I know from experience that the dye bleeds, plus the fiber is kind of sticky. (The person who produced this blend was still learning.)

I don't like the color any more, and so as I've been spinning I've been trying to decide what to do about that. I think I'm going to dye the yarn as singles, then ply it, in order to minimize streaking in the final yarn. But what color? I'm thinking of brown, maybe a gingerbread sort of color. A very yellow green ought to do the trick, I think. I'm also thinking about using two slightly different colors of green, and about complicated ways to divide the yarn into the two pots (e.g., thickest goes into pot A, next thickest into B, next thickest into A, etc., so that the thickest ply in the two ply isn't always the same green) but I'm not sure all that is necessary.

So I'm not quite sure where I'm going, and I'm not quite sure how I'm getting there, but I'm making some sort of progress on my Road Back to Spinning. I wonder if I could get the dyeing done this afternoon .....

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