Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blogger vs. pictures

Well, I was going to show you some finished socks & ask for help with another project ... but Blogger doesn't seem to be on top of its game today. All the little buttons are missing from the top of the compose window, including the one for uploading pictures. So I guess no pictures today.

In the meantime, a word to the wise: don't use what Hobby Lobby sells as "punch needle embroidery fabric." It's manufactured by something called M.C.G. Textiles but seems to be exactly the same as the fabric included in Dimensions' punch needle kits. It's very coarse and AWFUL to work with. I much prefer the weaver's cloth that the staff in a cross stitch store up in OKC set me up with when I bought that witch design. I'm so glad I tried that first or I would just cross punch needle right off my list of crafts -- the coarse cloth is that hard to use. Maybe their special needle fits it better? But it's so coarse you don't have a lot of choices for placing each loop.

Why would a woven cloth be called "weaver's cloth?" It's not like it's something weavers would use for anything.

I hope to be able to post pictures some other time. For now, it's back to the Valentine production line. As George said, "This isn't as much fun as I thought it would be."

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