Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Odds & ends

I can't seem to settle down to one thing these days -- I pick up one thing for an evening or two, then switch to another. I'd like to say it was winter lasting too long, or spring coming, or something external but I think it's just me, feeling unfocused.

Some of the folks at my Thursday night knitting group have been learning to tat, which of course made me itchy to dig out my shuttles and fool around. This (unblocked and out of focus) piece is from Teri Dusenbury's wonderful (and cheap) Tatting Hearts. I can't decide whether to stiffen it for a home decoration, sew it on a shirt for one of the kids, or leave it crumpled in my knitting bag until after Valentine's Day. Guess which one is the most likely to happen? I guess I'll be ahead for next year.

Here's the start of my first-ever afghan. I wanted to make an afghan that would be interesting to touch as well as to look at. It does feel nice, and I like the contrast of the soft alpaca, the bumpy novelty yarn, and the firmer wool. But if I close my eyes and fondle it, the textures feel nice but they don't feel distinct. On top of that this thing is about twice as wide as I intended -- bed sized, not chair sized. I did swatch in the main yarn, but I don't do much crocheting and I think my gauge must have changed drastically. So I'm chalking this up to practice time, ripping it out, and thinking about a block-style afghan.

And finally, something seasonally appropriate -- just not for this season. To prove that this aimlessness isn't new, here's a punch needle kit that overwhelmed me in October. I had never done punch needle, never wanted to, never thought much about it, until one day I HAD to have this kit, and the needle, and the hoop, and the little extra wire threaders and stitch gauges. Just had to. I raced home, transferred the pattern, and spent one evening making the little circles.

Then I put it away for 3 1/2 months.

A couple of nights ago, while pondering the fate of the tatted heart and ironing glitter hearts onto George's t-shirt for the fourth time, it suddenly became clear to me: I HAVE to make little punch needle heart pins for the kids for Valentine's Day. So I dug this out, and spent some time working on it to remind myself how it goes. It's neat, although it hurts my wrist so I won't be able to do too much of it. But surely some little pins wouldn't take long.....

Now I'm off to pick up George, pay my traffic ticket, and stop at Hobby Lobby for some pin backs. I'll leave you with a picture of the front:

Pretty cool, eh?

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