Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wonder what I finished?

I still haven't found the chart, or the yarn that I bought for Magenta's nose, but last night I sat down with a picture of Blue & just winged it. Magenta's nose is in a wool yarn that was a little too thin, so I doubled it and now it's a little too thick ... but hey! The top is done! Charlotte's wearing it!

She loves it, except that I make her take it off for every meal. I suppose I'll calm down a little once it has the first stain.

Were I to make it over, I wouldn't flare the hemline quite so much. But otherwise I'm very pleased.

Here's a closeup of the shoulder straps that gave me so much trouble. The left one is untied so you can see more clearly.

On each side there's a dark blue i-cord that goes from the end of one bow, down the shoulder strap, around the armhole, up the other shoulder strap, and out the other bow. The dark pink straps go from one bow, down a shoulder strap, across the front, and up the other strap. The light blue and light pink cords go from the end of the welting to the top of the shoulder. They're connected to each other all the way, but are only partially connected to the two long outer cords. The holes allow for the long cords to be threaded through, then tied in a bow near the base of the strap. It's much less complicated in person than it sounds!

Right now I've got the front shoulder straps and the back shoulder straps snugged up against each other, but I could loosen them up to allow for growth -- I could even re-lace the i-cord so that the bow was higher up on the strap. And even if the bows come untied the cords will probably stay in place unless there's a lot of tugging.

I'm glad I waited until I came up with a shoulder solution that really pleases me, but I'm also thrilled to have this finished.

Yarn used: Reynolds Saucy Sport
Pattern: my own
Chart for Blue: found on the web but now, alas, gone


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

That is a wonderful top for your precious little girl. Wow! That was quite a bit of knitting that you did...and it looks great!

Rosemary said...

YAY! It rocks :)

Shan said...

I love that.