Monday, May 07, 2007

Frustrated knitter in search of lacy cardigan pattern for summer fun ...

Help me! I am looking for what seems like the most basic summer sweater pattern of all and I can't find it anywhere. I still have about a million magazines to go through but maybe someone else knows just where I should look.

I want a lacy cardigan that I can wear in the insanely cold children's department of our public library, or in over airconditioned restaurants and stores, or wherever.

I want to use some yarn that I have on hand -- Hayfield's Raw Cotton Classics, 121 yards per 50 gram ball, suggested gauge 5.5 spi on #5 needles. I have 20 balls of this so I think I can do pretty much anything with it.

I need a pattern with some waist definition BUT since I am 45 and overweight I really don't want a skimpy little sexy whatever since it won't have quite the same effect worn by me. If the pattern offers the opportunity to insert bust darts (any 2 row pattern works great for this!) it would be nice but it isn't necessary.

Suggestions? Places to visit? I have fallen in love with this vest but it won't work with my yarn and it isn't a cardigan. (I might make it anyways.)


Shan said...

Oh you need to check out the "White Lies" designs. Tons of lace cardigans, amazing size range

jessie said...

I don't have any suggestions other than to say that Rowan seems to do stuff like that. (And that I have a hard time following Rowan patterns.)

I'm going to check out White Lies though.

jessie said...

Also, ChicKnits "CeCe," but with a longer sleeves and body.

Rosemary said...

Oooh I love that vest. You could totally add sleeves to it and call it good. Well, after you get the gauge thing figured out..

I like Ariann by Bonne Marie Simple but somewhat open pattern.

Rosemary said...

Rebecca bought a book at Borders last night called "A Treasure of Rowan Knits." It was huge and had 80 patterns in it, but I wanted to tell you that there were a number of great things that might fit your requirements. The one I spotted is called "Shaker" and is on page 66.