Friday, April 27, 2007

Spinning, maybe even with a goal

So I'm spinning up random fibers that have been in my stash for oh, maybe a decade or so. Really there isn't much sense to what I'm spinning -- it's more like I open a box and say, "Oh, hey, that! I remember buying that! Maybe I should spin it up!"

Not exactly spinning with a purpose. Fortunately when I spin on default like this I know pretty much what I'm going to get -- sport weight woolen spun two ply -- so I know I'll be able to knit something with it.

And one of the nice things about spinning is that it takes time. During that time you are, of course, touching the fiber, and at least some of the time you're looking at it, too. So all kinds of possible futures for the yarn can float in and out of your mind -- or at least in and out of my mind. It's almost on a par with taking a shower. (In the "having creative ideas" department. Not really in the "getting clean" department.)

So here's what I'm spinning now:

One pound of natural colored Corriedale -- 5 ounces spun up, 11 to go. You can't see it very clearly here but it's a nice dark, dark brown with the occasional white thread. It's on the coarser end of Corriedale fleece, so I wouldn't want to make ribbed cuffs out of it, but it will be a nice lofty yarn.

I'm thinking of turning it into this:

which comes from this lovely book:

from which I have knitted NOTHING because I like so many of them that it's hard to pick. But somehow this corrie seems like exactly the right yarn for that mud-cloth vest.

Unfortunately I seem to be currently convinced that a yellowy Samoyed-wool blend would be just right for the lighter color, even though dog hair is FURRY and I don't think mud cloth is furry at all. But maybe over the next 11 oz. I'll come to my senses.

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Maia said...

I admire you for spinning from your stash. I should be doing that too. That vest is gorgeous!