Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tree skirt

Shan asked about my tree skirt. It's a Dimensions kit called Here Comes Santa which was apparently discontinued about three seconds after I fell in love with it in a catalog. It looks just like the cards and decorations and coloring books I remember from childhood. I dithered about it for a year, because, you know, I had never actually cross stitched anything and this was kind of a big project. But once I decided I wanted it, I discovered it was no longer available.

I found a kit on eBay and was very happy until I noticed that the finished skirt is 45" in diameter. We get big trees, and a 45" skirt is just too small. It does seem to be the standard size for kits, though. I'd much rather have a 72" diameter tree skirt, and after thinking about it I realized that I could use three kits to make a scalloped design around the tree -- appliqued onto a larger skirt or maybe pieced into one, I don't really know yet.

So I cross stitched a pillow case to make sure I could stand to do this, and then I called Dimensions and managed to order a second thread kit -- I told them I was going to put two designs on one skirt. I didn't trust my ability to explain the scallop thing, but I've done the math and it will really work.

Of course, this might be just another of my Really Enormous (Never-Finished) Projects. And the whole thing rests on me finding another kit somewhere.

So far I've done about half of one repetition. Last fall I pulled it out, intending to finish it up and put it under the tree somehow. But it seems like my eyes have deteriorated quite a bit since I started the project a few years back; since I've just switched to bifocals (!!) it doesn't seem impossible. Before I can work on this I need better lighting for my stitching station, and maybe some sort of up-light to help with the dark fabric. I'd really like to work on it this summer, when I won't feel pressured to get it done Right Away. We'll be having Christmas at our house next year, so it seems like a good year to have at least the first scallop done.

Ah, the optimism of spring!


Shan said...

HA! That's exactly the one I fell in love with too, and found it was discontinued. I'm glad SOMEBODY will get to have it, even if it's not me.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the thread chart and the instructions for this tree skirt. My wife is about half way through the project and I have put the instructions "somewhere"> I would appreciate some help here. The dog house is not a good place in the home of a cross sticher. email