Friday, October 12, 2007


I've been sorting out extra printed materials to sell at a little spinner's retreat tomorrow. I'm quite pleased to have identified 18 books, 9 back issues of magazines, and 94 pamphlets that I can live without.

The kicker here is that they are all DUPLICATES. Can someone tell me how I ended up with three copies of Sheila MacGregor's wonderful book on Fair Isle knitting? Actually, I know how it happened, and it all made sense at the time, but what it boils down to is about 3 linear feet of duplicates. No wonder I have piles of books sitting on the floor.

Wish me luck selling these. If it goes smoothly, I might start looking at some of the rest of my library with a hard eye. As in, getting rid of things WITHOUT keeping a backup copy. Oh, my. I don't mind cutting up knitting, but getting rid of a vintage pattern or book that I might never see again? That's scary.

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Kristen said...

I got here off of Elabeth's blog. I'm Kristen. I can't imagine getting rid of my knitting books. Especially if I don't have 2 of them! I say horde, horde, horde. Hee.Hee.