Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I have finished the Afghani sweater, with seconds to spare. I was looking for the address on their website when I saw a note saying things could arrive on Monday or Tuesday of next week instead of this Friday, so I haven't actually mailed it yet -- Thursday morning would be much more convenient than getting it in the mail today -- but I am DONE.

On the downside, I don't think this is fitting a seven year old. Here it is on my almost-four year old:

(Please pardon the sideways picture. I am struggling with a new-to-me operating system and the loss of most of my familiar programs. Also the computer is moving at the speed of molasses so that I can't see what I'm writing while I'm writing it, and going back to proof anything is like pulling teeth. Sort of the computer equivalent of purling in Fair Isle, my least favorite part of this sweater including the cutting up parts.)

The sleeves don't match, and it's too short as well as being too small. Also I didn't line up the stripes on the sleeves with the stripes on the body very well.

But I do like the colors, and it was very nice to knit with lovely warm sturdy wool instead of soft delicate smooth wool for a change. And did I mention that it's DONE?

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R a i n said...

It's so purty!