Friday, October 26, 2007

More finished stuff

I have actually accomplished a few things in the last month -- it's just so hard telling anyone about it that I haven't bothereed. But here goes.. (and remember I can't see what I'm typing until about 3 minutes later, so don't expet proof-reading!)

I decided to try making socks with a little pattern to them. I'm not sure it was worth it. They took a lot longer than a pair of straight stockinette socks, and while the chevron is nice, it isn't fabulou8s. It's 15 stitches wide, so I only did two repeats across the foot, and I think that's too narrow. Also I hate the big old stripes on the heel. But I don't like how short-row heels fit me. Does anyone know how to adapt them for a high instep? I usually do a standard heel across 60% of the ankle stitches, if that helps.

Here's one of the new socks (Cascade's Simple Stripes) with an older one (KnitPicks Simply Stripes, or whatever, in Snapdragon). They aren't all that similar but they aren't all that different either. I don't know how I got on this green and orange kick. I don't even wear green or orange.

And here is my latest FO -- a punch needle embroidered witch, started last year and abandoned right after Halloween. I'm really pleased with her and am planning a companion Frankenstein piece (designed by George). No doubt I will abandon it next Thursday, but I hope to have it on the wall next year.

Hmm. I thought I had finished more than this. I have a few projects underway that SHOULD be done; that must have been what I was thinking of. Must go work on them. Or maybe make dinner. It's a tossup.


Caroline M said...

I'd go for making dinner every time, I've found that if you don't keep the tribe fed then the noise level becomes too high for knitting.

Have you tried making a gusset before your short row heel, increasing before the heel to get an inch or so of stitches each side then decrease them after?

mikelynn said...

This makes me want to finish Alex's socks so I can start some for me. I won't have two pair going at once. Guess I better get after Bob's sweater (almost done) so I can go back to the socks.