Friday, February 20, 2009

another question

I've crocheted all the way around the bottom/front/neck opening, and put on half of the frill. What do you think? I love it on the pattern photo but I worry that it's too frilly on me.

Here's a blurry photo of the armhole. (Can't retake because a child is hanging on me as I type, saying, "Please can we eat lunch SOON, I'm starving" and I feel bad asking her to wait even longer.) Anyways, it's frilly. I like it but I suspect I might feel Too Old For Frills -- or even worse, I wouldn't feel it but everyone looking at me might!

Or am I overthinking this? I do appreciate the comments on the bust darts and am just not looking at them now.


Caroline M said...

Sadly the psychic link isn't working right now so I can't tell whether you think it's too frilly. Why don't you finish it up, frills and all, and wear it a bit. If you find it to be too pink and sparkly then you can take the edging off again and rethink.

It will take your mind off the darts anyway.

Susinok said...

Those are some very minimal frills. The vest looks great. Finish it and wear it and aren't you old enough NOT to care what others think?

Shan said...

Yeah I think you should do the frill.

I know you've already posted that you DID do it, but I am putting my stamp of approval on it.

I agree with Susinok's last line...