Friday, February 06, 2009

Sock surprise

I have finished the Lang Jawoll socks that I have been knitting since approximately before the flood. They have lived in an inner pocket of my purse as my "emergency knitting" for many, many months, so many that I was quite astonished to finish. But.

They are not identical. The sock on the left has about four more stitches than the sock on the right -- I must have stopped my gusset decreases sooner. So it used up just a teeny bit more yarn with each round, just enough to make the toes mismatched. (Notice, though that BOTH SOCKS have just a tiny bit of white right at the bindoff. Cruel.) Also, the lines on the sock on the right slant up, as if the fabric is being stretched more. They feel the same on my feet, so I plan on ignoring the difference in size.

Unfortunately they are extremely ugly. I don't like the contrast between the dark colors and the white, and I think the speckles just make it worse. They are headed for a dark blue dyebath. Or maybe black. Unless I get lazy and just wear them like this.

I do think this is the last of the self-striping speckledy sock yarns in my enormous bin. I bought a lot before I realized that I don't like them. Or maybe I bought some after I realized that, because they were a good deal. (Note to self: don't do this.)

This is the first time I've knitted with Lang Jawoll. I liked it just fine. I used 2 mm needles (size 0), as I do with most sock yarns I've tried. It's not particularly soft but not rough, either. It feels sturdy. The socks are boring -- 2x2 ribbed legs, gusset heel, ribbed top of foot.

Here's a picture showing one sock off my foot. It's hard to believe it fits:

Charlotte looked at it the other day and said, "You started those back when your feet were smaller." I do love the stretchiness of 2x2 rib.

Must start another pair of socks for emergency knitting purposes. I'd like to make them fancier -- except then they might not qualify as emergency knitting, they might be a Real Project. Which means I'd have to remember what I was doing instead of just letting them languish in my purse. Not that these turned out to be totally foolproof ...


Caroline M said...

They fit, they'll keep your feet warm and you won't see them when you've got your shoes on. Sounds like socks to me.

I have a few balls of self patterning yarn that are old enough now to be in school and I'm hoping this year to knit them up. I thought that last year too.

Laritza said...

Ribbing makes nice socks and qualifies as emergency knitting for sure. I mean wide 5/1 or something.

Taueret said...

ugly? Did you post the wrong pic? (I dunno, when it comes to socks I have a wide range of tolerance?)