Monday, February 09, 2009


Here is the Beech Leaf vest, blocking at last!

It looks a little wonky, because I knit in some bust shaping and of course that means the pieces aren't really flat. Also I spun the pieces out in the washing machine which left some wrinkles. If they don't disappear as it dries I will have to steam them, and I may need to steam the bust darts over a tailor's ham. But the pieces match each other in length and width and the scallops are pinned out to the same dimensions. I can't wait to seam it up!

And I know it's silly to be so impatient when I have been knitting this for a year, but look:

Do you think it will be dry by the time the kids have gone to sleep?


mikelynn said...

I can't wait to see it all finished. I still haven't sewn my sweater up. I'm worried I'll mess up or it won't fit. I can tell you've done this before.

Shan said...

Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the FO post...