Friday, March 10, 2006

Feet accompli

Well, here they are -- the first socks I've made myself since my feet grew enormously during pregnancy five years ago. See how long the feet are? See how short the cuffs are? See how much yarn I have left over? I think I've just been converted to toe up socks.

The yarn is a mystery to me. It's four plies, two of which are yellow and two of which vary. I bought it in Michigan, which means mid to late 90s; somewhere along the way I lost the ball band. I think it was a 100 gm ball, though I only have about 90 gms --- at some point I must have done some sampling. It's about 17 wpi, and knit up at a hair over 8 stitches to the inch on #1 needles. I think maybe I should have used #0.

I used the basic crew sock pattern from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Simple Socks. It certainly was easy. I'm not too worried about durability, since my socks tend to wear out at the ball of the foot rather than anywhere on the heel.

I liked making them. I think I may be back in the sock knitting business.

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